Glasshouse growers take pride in what they grow – always researching, constantly pursuing the competitive edge. Part artisan and part scientist, they demand the very best …for themselves, and for the people they feed. This is what it means to be a glasshouse grower.

At Monsanto through De Ruiter, we are dedicated to giving our heated, protected-culture vegetable and rootstock growers the satisfaction of delivering the best possible products to market with pride.

De Ruiter specializes in breeding, producing and selling hybrid seeds for glasshouse cultivation of tomato, hot and sweet pepper, cucumber, eggplant and melon. And having introduced rootstock to the vegetable seed industry, De Ruiter continues to build on our heritage in the rootstock market by pushing the boundaries to give growers a competitive edge.

When you grow De Ruiter seeds, you can expect one-on-one personalized service and a partner in innovation. It’s how we deliver on our promise to you — the promise of outstanding growing potential. We deliver this via our commitment to provide all of our De Ruiter growers with:

Proven Product Performance
Passion to Serve
Unrivaled Glasshouse Expertise
Constant Innovation
It’s all part of our promise to provide you with outstanding growing potential.