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Exploring Koppert's Innovative Horticultural Solutions

Sun Parlour Grower Supply is proud to be partnered with Koppert, offering greenhouses a more sustainable, safe and healthy way to answer agricultural challenges.

Meet Koppert

For over 50 years, Koppert has been striving to provide natural solutions to combat pests in crops, pushing agricultural innovation to restore the natural balance in your crops. Improving crop health, resilience and yield.

"To make our world more sustainable, we need growing solutions that are both safe and healthy. With everything we do, we have to make sure nature and people benefit equally. We believe the answers to our agricultural challenges lie in nature itself. And in restoring the natural balance of our planet. That is why we partner with nature."

"Since 1967 cucumber grower Jan Koppert searched for a new solution for fighting pests and diseases as the pesticides he was using became less effective. He was the first to find and introduce a natural solution: a natural enemy, the Phytoseiulus persimilis mite, to combat spider mites."

Pollination Products

Koppert offers a few different pollination solutions for all growers, from in greenhouses to outdoors they are sure to boost your yield.

Natupol Excel - Natupol Excel is developed for crops with a high amount of flowers per m² (35-60 flowers) per week, and for crops grown under artificial light or in warmer environments.

Quad - Quad pollination hives (containing four large bumblebee colonies) are developed for open-field crops, blossoming in spring.

Wireless Beehome - With the Wireless Beehome system, the hive entrance of the Natupol hives can be opened and closed automatically on set times. When assimilation lights dominate the natural (UV) light in the greenhouse during winter time, bumblebees have difficulties with their orientation. This has a negative effect on pollination.

Pest Control Products

Koppert offers a wide range of beneficial insects acting as pest control products. With almost 40 beneficial insects this range is sure to take care of any pest issues you may have. To list a few:


Scientific name - Adalia bipunctata

Use for - All species/stages of aphids.

Mode of action - The ladybirds feed on aphids and lay eggs in the aphid colonies. After emergence, the larvae also feed on aphids.


Scientific name - Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Use for - All stages of many mealybug species.

Mode of action - Adult and larvae consume the mealybugs completely.


Scientific name - Amblyseius swirskii

Use for - Young larvae of various thrips species and eggs and larvae of whitefly.

Mode of action - Predatory mites pierce their prey with their sucking mouthparts and suck out the contents.

Disease Control Products

Koppert offers 2 natural disease control solutions for your farm or greenhouse to protect against soil-borne root diseases.


Active Ingredient - Trichoderma Harzianum T-22

Use for - Trianum-G protects plants against a range of soil-borne root diseases through several different modes of action. It also improves root system development, nutrient uptake and plant growth.

Crops - Trianum-G can be used in most crops.


Active Ingredient - Trichoderma harzianum T-22

Use for - Trianum-P protects plants against a range of soil-borne root diseases through several different modes of action. It also improves root system development, nutrient uptake and plant growth.

Crops - Trianum-P can be used in most crops.


Koppert offers many different product solutions used for monitoring and trapping insects, from sticky traps to pheromone traps and more, Koppert has everything you need. To list a few:


Use for - Use Horiver for trapping and monitoring of different flying insects. Comes in Yellow, Blue and Black.


  • Yellow: whitefly, thrips, fungus gnats, leaf miners

  • Blue: thrips

  • Black: Tuta absoluta


Use for - Use the Deltatrap for monitoring and trapping male moths and mealybugs in protected and outdoor crops in combination with a species-specific phermone.


  • Moths and Mealybugs

Application Products

Koppert offers application products to help you effectively cover your greenhouse crop distributing natural enemies.


Use for - Use the Airbug for the distribution of natural enemies in the crop. The Airbug can be used for both full-field distribution and for specific hot spots.

Mode of action - The innovative combination of the special fan of the Airbug and the revolving dosing pot ensures a uniform release of carrier material containing natural enemies. The airflow from the fan guarantees a uniform distribution of this material up to a distance of 2-3 meters from the Airbug.

To conclude Koppert offers a wide range of products for any greenhouse and farm, next time you have a pest issue, order Koppert through us!


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