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De Ruiter Seeds

At De Ruiter, we’re continually inspired by the art and science of innovation.

Through industry-leading breeding programs, extensive investment in R&D, and deep appreciation for the artfulness of growing in protected culture environments, our teams are constantly working to improve product performance.

As a part of Bayer Crop Science vegetable seed business, our mission is to deliver to collaborate with them to grow their next masterpiece.

Pioneering Innovation

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Since the 1500’s, pioneers in the Netherlands have led the world’s breakthroughs in seed science. This rich heritage of innovation is what drives De Ruiter forward. We strive to advance the science of greenhouse and glasshouse production not only for today, but far into the future. It’s a passion we’ll carry forth, generation after generation. 

Dedicated to serving protected-culture growers, De Ruiter’s commitment to research & development and innovative breeding programs means we consistently lead the field in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, and other crops suited for the protected environment. But what we are most proud of is our enduring partnership with growers. 




Ferreira is an early producing beef tomato hybrid with high yield potential, good quality fruits and Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV.

  • Early producing and high yield potential

  • Average fruit weight of 250-260 grams

  • Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV

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Splash is a mini cucumber hybrid with uniform fruit quality, good plant vigor and excellent tasting fruits with Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle.

  • Uniform fruit quality

  • Open plant with good vigor throughout the crop cycle

  • Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle




Keystone is a long English cucumber for winter, and potentially fall crops, with high total yield potential, high percentage marketable fruits and Intermediate Resistance to Cucumber green mottle mosaic.​

  • Good percentage early and total medium fruits

Cultivation Insights

De Ruiter developed these articles to serve as an educational resource for growers, breeders and everyone in between. Immerse yourself in a wide range of critical topics including pollination science, disease and pest resistance, seed treatments and best management practices for specific crops.

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