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Introducing VidaWool

Introducing Owens Corning and VidaWool™: Revolutionizing Hyroponic Hydroponic Growing Media

In the world of horticulture, Owens Corning stands out as a leader in innovative material solutions. With a history rooted in mineral wool production, the company has recently expanded its expertise into the hydroponic sector with VidaWool, a premium mineral wool growing media designed to enhance plant growth and yield.

About Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been at the forefront of material science for decades, known for its high-performance building materials and fiberglass products. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation has driven them to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in material engineering. This dedication is evident in their latest venture into the horticulture market.

What is VidaWool?

VidaWool is a mineral wool growing medium specifically designed for hydroponic gardening. It combines the best of Owens Corning's mineral wool technology with features tailored to meet the unique needs of modern cultivators.

Key Features of VidaWool 

  1. Hydro-Xtend Technology: This technology ensures even water and nutrient distribution throughout the growing medium, optimizing plant health and growth.

  2. Sustainability: VidaWool is made from 70% recycled material, aligning with Owen's Corning's commitment to sustainable practices.

  3. Versatility: Available in various forms like plugs, blocks, and slabs, VidaWool can support a wide range of plants and hydroponic systems.

  4. Consistency and Precision: Designed for predictable water retention and nutrient delivery, VidaWool helps growers achieve consistent results harvest after harvest.

  5. Customizable at a Commercial Scale: Tailored sizing for your operational needs

Repeatability and Ease-of-use Designed In

  • Optional Pre-cut plant holes on slabs for accuracy and efficiency

    • No guesswork on plant placement

    • No need to manually cut or score

  • Round Plugs with holes, not slits, for efficient results

    • Easier clone insertion

    • Optimized shape for root growth and seamless transitions to blocks

    • Greater plant stability

  • Comprehensive system from propagation to harvest

    • Plugs, blocks and slabs designed to work together

    • Seamlessly graduate plants to their next growing stage

  • Simple and Efficient to use

    • Lightweight and easy to handle

    • Ready to go right from the box - no mixing, filling pots, or other messy, time-consuming processes

    • Condition and get growing

Benefits for Growers

Owens Corning has engineered VidaWool to support commercial and home growers alike. The medium's structure promotes robust root development and minimizes issues such as light exposure that can lead to algae and bacteria growth. Additionally, its sturdy composition ensures that it maintains its shape and effectiveness over time, even in rigorous growing conditions.

Join the VidaWool Movement

With VidaWool, Owens Corning is not just offering a product; they are fostering a movement towards more efficient, sustainable, and productive hydroponic growing practices. Whether you are a commercial cultivator looking for a reliable growing medium or a home gardener seeking to maximize your yields, VidaWool offers a scientifically-backed, user-friendly solution.


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