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Meet AGRINOVA Canada

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Sun Parlour Grower Supply is proud to be partnered with Agri Nova Science Nutrition! With the launch of their new Canadian website we wanted to showcase a bit more about their company and their products!


AGRINOVA Canada is a company that specializes in research, manufacturing, and distribution of plant nutrition products. Offering solutions and increasing the value of your crops, improving the quality and quantity of agricultural production. Committed to providing high-quality products that are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Their Mission

" At AGRINOVA Canada, our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture through the development and distribution of innovative plant nutrition solutions. We believe that agriculture can be both profitable and environmentally responsible, and we are committed to helping farmers achieve this goal. Our team of experts is constantly researching and testing new products to ensure that we offer the best solutions for our customers. With AGRINOVA Canada, you can trust that your crops will thrive, and your business will grow."

A Glimpse Into Their Products


SILISEC us a 100% natural compound made from micronizes silica. The particle size is 7-9 microns.

SILISEC is a product with a high hygroscopic power. Therefore, it's application drastically reduces both environmental humidity and possible condensations at foliar levels.

SILISEC eliminates the high relative humidities that favor the proliferation of fungal diseases such as rotting (Botrytis cinerea), mildew, etc.

In addition, SILISEC after its absorption is deposited in amorphous form in the cellular walls contributing to the mechanical properties of the wall improving its rigidity and elasticity, thus protecting the crop against possible infections.


AMINOGREEN 16 is an amino acids solution, enriched with macronutrients (N,P,K) and micronutrients (B and Mo in mineral form, and Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu which are chelated with the disodium salt of the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).

AMINOGREEN 16 provides the maximum amount of free L-a-amino acids of vegetal origin. L configuration facilitates the rapid recovery of the plant after critical or stress situations, as it does not have to use extra amounts in amino acids synthesis.

AMINOGREEN 16 is a fertilizer that is rapidly absorbed and immediately metabolized, which stimulates shooting, vegetative growth, fruit fattening, vegetal tissue regeneration, etc. In short, AMINOGREEN 16, the final results is a prime-quality product.


MAX ORGANIC is a highly concentrated liquid solution made from humic acid and fulvic acids with nitrogen, potassium, manganese and zinc.

MAX ORGANIC increases the soil's cation exchange capacity by incorporating organic matter into it. It reduces soil erosion, improves its water-holding capacity and facilitates the respiration of micro-organisms. It reduces blockages and antagonisms between different nutritive elements.

MAX ORGANIC improves the physical, chemical and the biological characteristics of the soil which increases its fertility. At the same time, it enhances the development of the roots and increases it's exploration's capacity. In conclusion, with the use of MAX ORGANIC, a soil of greater fertility and a plant with a root system capable of taking advantage of all the available resources are achieved. As a result, a higher quality crop is obtained.

In conclusion, AGRI NOVA has a great core value and offers great products! Give them a try today!


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